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The ONLY teacher-led current events platform.

Standards-based weekly discussion program combining striking visual images with informative guide written on three levels.
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News Currents Values

Student Engagement


Active, dynamic discussions bring topics to life.

Inclusion For All

For All

Format enables all learners of all abilities and backgrounds.
Literacy Development


Vocabulary, background knowledge in context help weekly skill-building.

News Currents Features

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Unique format helps
students learn organically

Leveled Guide

Teachers can choose from three comprehension levels

Background Knowledge

Stories include appropriate context, vocabulary

Critical Thinking

Students learn media literacy and thinking skills

Strong Visuals

Multi-media approach with photography, maps, and videos

Original Content

Hand-crafted articles by experienced, talented staff

Frequently Asked Questions

In July 2022, Knowledge Unlimited joined the Building Wings team! We are thrilled to be part of such a visionary organization. Learn more at www.buildingwings.com.

New situation, new logos. They look pretty cool, don't they?

We are phasing out the use of the DVD/printed guide version of News Currents for many reasons. One, it's not sustainable for the environment. Two, with the recent changes to the USPS, our subscribers have tired of having to wait for envelopes that arrive late, or not at all. Three: it's more convenient -- the online version includes a robust Archive of more than 20 years of back issues! Four, it's less expensive to produce, so we can keep our prices competitive.

Great question! We hear this a lot. Cable and broadcast news is fine for what it is. But these shows are not set up for truly educating people about the history, the context, and the meaning of the stories they present. Knowledge Unlimited has a long history of hand-crafting stories that emphasize background knowledge, vocabulary in context, and critical thinking skills. Our programs encourage dialogue and debate, rather than just passive listening -- this is not just better practice, but also a lot more fun for everyone.

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