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Knowledge Unlimited Acquired by Building Wings

As part of a recent press release, Knowledge Unlimited, a publisher of supplementary learning materials for schools, senior centers, and correctional facilities, has been acquired by Building Wings, a special education literacy curriculum company. The acquisition was finalized on July 15, 2022.

Founded by Judith Laitman in 1983, Knowledge Unlimited is best known for its innovative current events program NewsCurrents. This weekly resource helps educators and activity directors lead weekly discussions about national and international news.

According to Sales Manager Matt Cibula, “Everyone at Knowledge Unlimited is thrilled to be joining the Building Wings team. We will now be able to provide our beloved clients and customers with upgraded products while still retaining our independent approach. With Building Wings’ technological and marketing expertise, we will be able to help more people than ever before.”

The company has a newly-designed website at www.knowledgeunlimited.com

Building Wings’ curriculum is designed for students in elementary, middle, and high school. With the acquisition of Knowledge Unlimited, they will now be able to expand their offerings to adults, increasing the breadth of curriculum and instructional materials in their catalog.

About Knowledge Unlimited

Founded by Judith Laitman in 1983, Knowledge Unlimited’s mission is to provide high-quality supplementary learning materials that engage students, promote critical thinking, and build important background knowledge across the curriculum. It is best known for its innovative current events program, which helps educators lead discussions on national and international news and engage students in enriching material about the world in which they live.

About Building Wings

Building Wings creates special education resources that help teachers support students in accomplishing learning breakthroughs. By putting the right tools in the hands of compassionate teachers and motivated teachers, Building Wings believes that its curriculum helps unlock hidden potential. Learn more about Building Wings at https://www.buildingwings.com/
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